Neon Heartbreak



Medium: Digital photography, graphic art software, gif
Words: Alex Lark


The most free
I ever felt
was when I hid my rucksack
behind the door
in that Italian high school’s bathroom
and we ran barefoot
through the midnight streets of Venice
from the police

-laughing with a plastic bag of clothes


This will have nothing
to do with love.
Even if it does
I will deny it
and tell you
I have forgotten
what love
feels like. 

-Happy Valentines 


I’ve decided
to make incredible memories
and plan them
as spontaneously
as concrete

-ask a builder


Can we pretend
that we had this conversation
in a different time zone
and we can fly
into yesterday
and have
just a few more hours

-like it used to be


He loved her.
the glow of the neon
She loved him.
the cold cups of plastic beer
She smiled deeply,
strangers walked past
grinning infectiously
the skid of chairs on polished concrete
"I know you do."
warms scents and faceless conversations
I wanted to tell you,
a plate of deep fried artichoke
times when our heads pressed together
a celery stick in ranch
whispering through my skull
"You can have the last one."
into yours.